Canister Of Tea

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Canister Of Tea

£14.99 £7.50

Seriously good tea in BEAUTIFUL packaging. Loose tea in a sturdy cardboard canister apart from the Natural Tea Blossoms where you get 6 individual flowers.
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Mount Feather: One of the ten best teas in China! Aroma: Fresh orchid bloom plus a hint of magnolia.
Flavour: Sweet, refreshing with a smart finish. Some might experience a clean aftertaste that lasts.
Ingredients: Organic Chinese Tea Leaves

Monkey Pinch: Oolong tea picked by monkeys on cliff ledges! Aroma: A peachy scent that lingers
Flavour: Briskly Sweet with a strong aftertaste unlike the rest.
Ingredients: Organic Chinese Tea Leaves

White Peony: Super healthy tea loaded with antioxidents.Aroma: A hint of mild peony
Flavour: Smooth, velvety, delicate, refreshing with a malty finish that lingers
Ingredients: Organic Chinese Tea Leaves

Natural Tea Blossoms: Watch the flower head open in your cup. Aroma: Clean, airy and vegetal.
Flavour: Delicate, fresh and slightly sweet with a light smoky aftertaste.
Ingredients: Natural Tea Blossoms

Slimming Puer: A great healthy tea for the body concious. Aroma: Earthy, woody, pleasantly smoky, with a hint of Chrysanthemum.
Flavour: Very mellow, full bodied, with a sweet and floral aftertaste.
Ingredients: Organic Chinese Tea Leaves, Dried Chrysanthemum

Energinger: You’ll feel like Popeye after his spinach when you drink this. Aroma: Fresh and Lemony. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and you are in a Thai Spa!
Flavour: Tangy and spicy. A refreshing pick-up from your taste buds to the whole body.
Ingredients: Lemongrass (France), Rosemary (France), Lemon Verbena (France), Ginger Powder

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Mount Feather, Monkey Pinch, White Peony, Natural Tea Blossoms, Slimming Pu'er, Energinger


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