Growbar- The Bird Bar



Growbar- The Bird Bar


What is a growbar?

This Growbar is a cleverly curated seed collection nestled in neat, fertile coir bars, ready to grow; simply just add water!

Unwrap the the bird bar to start growing seed bearing plants to feed the birds in your garden. includes sunflower, echinops and cornflower seeds.

Sunflowers produce abundant seeds, echinops are a vibrant spherical flower and produces tasty seeds whilst cornflowers are blue and produce nourishing seeds for birds.

Contains; Sunflower, Echinops and Cornflower seeds in a fertile coir bar. Start by unwrapping your Growbar and place it in the brown protective paper provided, placing in a container with plenty of room to expand. Sow between March and June in a pot or trough, gently pour over 500ml of water and place on a sunny windowsill indoors. The seeds will need to be at around 22 degrees to germinate.

Bar Measures; 21cm x 10.5cm x 2cm


Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 2 cm


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