Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag


Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag


The healthy alternative to plastic bags and containers. Stashers are plastic-free, hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

They are totally reusable and have hundreds of uses – whether you’re meal prepping and packing your lunch, or just trying to keep your tinted moisturiser from exploding into your gym bag.

One Stasher can be used endlessly, instead of piling up in our landfills and oceans. A simply better solution for you and the planet!


Features: – Suitable for use in the microwave, oven, fridge/freezer and stovetop.
– Pinch-loc™ airtight seal locks in flavours and nutrients while protecting from unwanted spills and leaks.
– Non toxic
Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 1 inches, 450ml
Material: 100% Pure Platinum Silicone
Care: Top rack dishwasher safe or wash with soap and warm water.

Additional information

Dimensions 10.25 × 8.25 × 1.5 cm

Clear, Pink, Orange, Green, Aqua, Rose, Amethyst, Milky Way, Stardust, Supernova, Moonstone


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